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In Kevin Sajdak’s article in the Daily Orange, he interviewed numerous students who were affected by the permanent re-location of the SU Architecture program from Slocum Hall on main campus, to the Warehouse in downtown Syracuse. The Daily Orange is a university run newspaper that reaches to every corner of the campus and is accessible to every kind of student. The purpose of this newspaper and online newspaper is to inform the students at SU of current events on and off campus and is a very credible source of information. In Kevin’s article, you can tell that his approach was unbiased. However, the student’s reactions to this news were unanimously negative and biased against the change in location. The students were outraged to hear that their home on main campus was now moved to a far location downtown. One student reflects on how detached from the campus architecture students feel after the installment of the Connective Corridor. She claims, “Half of the first-years didn’t even know homecoming week was going on.” Students protested outside of Slocum Hall demanding the change to be revoked. However, no kind of protest was going to stop the university from moving this program. Because this article was written in 2007, the information is credible, however, since this change, the architecture program has moved back to Slocum Hall and the School of Visual and Performing Arts has moved downtown. The article was relative at the time of its release, but now it is dated and inaccurate.

In Hope Morley’s piece for The Daily Orange “School of Art and Design programs to move downtown,” she discusses the transition of the Art and Design programs and its effect on its students and faculty. It is defiantly a truthful and unbiased article that is meant to educate and inform Syracuse University students about current changes on and off campus. She interviews several students and faculty to survey different opinions about the change and gets a balanced mix of reviews from both sides. A number of people who were interviewed approved of the move and talked highly of it, which was a breath of fresh air compared to all the negative hype that surrounds this situation. The primary audience for this article is students and faculty at Syracuse University. Because it is a student run news media, the way it is written is extremely effective because the author is speaking to an audience their own age. This article was written at the beginning of this move in September 2009, therefore it is very current and up to date with what is transpiring on campus and downtown.

The two articles I chose concerning the relocation of the Architecture program and the Art and Design program at Syracuse University were both taken from The Daily Orange, our student run school newspaper. Because this topic is so isolated and recent, there were not very many sources out there that touched on the move to the Warehouse and its effect on the student body. However, the articles that I found provided me with interviews and opinions from both negative and positive perspective. In Sajdak’s article, he wrote about the resistance from the Architecture students when they were told they were permanently moved to the downtown location. Although his article was unbiased, the people he interviewed all seemed to have a completely negative outlook on the move. This being written in 2007 makes it inaccurate and dated. In Morley’s article, she talks about the initial transition of the Art and Design program moving to the Warehouse permanently. Her article was also unbiased and had a balance of negative and positive feedback from VPA students and faculty. Both of these essays were written by Syracuse students and shared the same voice. The young adult audience also remained the same with both of these articles. Sajdak described how Architecture students felt excluded from the rest of the campus. Students felt like they were unattached from social events on main campus and were “out of the loop.” Morley discussed how students were excited about the move downtown and how it was a positive environment for learning. It was interesting to see the different perspectives and opinions from a variety of students in a balanced manner rather than a biased article.


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  1. * legries says:

    Good job with this assignment, Olivia. You can put these sources into conversation with each other on the page in your essay to create some tension and space for you to articulate your own ideas. I’ll be curious to learn what your primary research has yielded. Thanks. Laurie

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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