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“A boy’s life” response

This essay begins by telling a story about Matthew Shephard and how he was brutally beaten to death by two men because of his sexual orientation. The background information of these individuals are very descriptive and paint a clear picture of who committed the crime. Homophobia was the reason for this terrible hate crime. The argument being made is should these kinds of crimes be tolerated and if not what kind of punishment is considered fair.

This article clarifies our discussion about arguments because it doesnt just defend Matthew Shepard, it gives an unbiased description of how this crime happened and how it was handled. The author interviewed the criminals and got their side of the story as well as a background check regarding their reasoning behind going through with the crime. The information provided gives the reader a greater understanding about the personality involved and the homophobic trigger. By providing this info, it strengthens the argument.

The writer’s purpose in my opinion was to inform readers about hate crimes that are committed against homosexuals. Her article also raises awareness and helps readers form their own opinions on homophobic hate crimes and their impact on society.

I believe this writer is very adamant about her stance. However, her use of detail and thorough research was appealing to me as a reader because it described the victim and the criminal quite vividly. I liked her style and I found this article very interesting.


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  1. * legries says:

    Hi Olivia. I hope you were in class on the day we discussed this article so you might see a different purpose W. had in writing this essay. As we discussed, her main argument is a bit more nuanced than what you proposed here. At any rate, let me know if you want to go over this article again…Laurie

    | Reply Posted 8 years ago

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