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A strong reader needs to obtain qualities of dedication and interest to the given topic in order to comprehend and absorb the information within the text. When reading an informational text, readers need to know what information is actually important to retain rather than reading and trying to retain it all. When it comes to writing, traits of a strong writer include attention to detail, structure, organization, and mechanics. In Kantz’s opinion, a strong writer using sources within their essay needs to cite information by enhancing their argument and not by telling a story. The citations used within my essay would enhance my point by providing truthful information that contributes to the reader’s knowledge of the topic at hand. Kantz believes that the writer needs to pay attention to the facts over opinions of their source. Rhetoric and rhetorical analysis come into play with Kantz’s article because she tries to inform the reader to find the writer’s rhetorical goals within the text instead of simply reading the essay. The reader develops a much greater understanding by seeing the rhetorical points given by the author.

In my research paper I may choose to inform my reader more with my citations than I have in the past. I had a tendency to tell a story or narrate my essays with the in text quotes, but after reading Kantz’s argument, I will effectively place and cite my sources so that they enhance my point rather than state another author’s opinion. The research methods I plan to apply to this essay include conducting interviews, taking surveys, and creating multimedia research to benefit my researching experience.  I want the rhetor of my essay to appeal to a mass audience and inform them about a very important issue our school is facing at the moment. Some obstacles I see myself facing through my research and essay writing are the biases I have against the move of the Fashion program due to the fact that I was directly affected by the change.  I also feel that interviewing is going to be an issue with the people who are not associated with Syracuse University because they may not be willing to give me their opinion.


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