Olivia's Blog

Primary research

Interviewing people affected by the change in the Connective Corridor is going to be my main source of obtaining research.

What I want to discover through conducting these interviews is the public reaction and response to the change. I want to find out if the response is positive or negative by asking unbiased questions to faculty, students, and locals.

I plan on discovering these responses by interviewing a handful of people and recording their comments. By asking open ended questions, I will get the information I need to strengthen my argument and find a general consensus.

I am going to talk to/observe/survey students in every department of the ware house (commercial design, fashion design, industrial design, advertising design, surface pattern, and textile design), faculty, locals around the area in armory square to see how it has effected their influx of business, and locals who utilize the bus route as a part of their daily routine.

I will gain access to these individuals by simply going about my every day routine of class and riding the connective corridor bus with my peers.

I am going into this argument with as little bias as possible. However, my personal feelings toward my argument will most likely lead me down a path of how the warehouse has excluded students from the main campus community. My interviewing will not be biased simply because I want to hear peoples honest opinions not what they think I want to hear.

I expect to discover many diverse opinions and find people who both enjoy the change and dislike the change. I hope to find an array of responses and see how different groups of people feel based on their age, location, and occupation.


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